Cows to the Rescue

John Himmelman

Cows to the Rescue

Cows to the Rescue

  • Title: Cows to the Rescue
  • Author: John Himmelman
  • ISBN: 9780805092493
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover

It s the day of the county fair Three legged races, a Smartest Pig contest, the Ferris wheel what could be fun But the Greenstalks car won t start, so they ll need some help getting there Cows to the Rescue is the fabulous new book in John Himmelman s hilarious barnyard saga It follows Chickens to the Rescue and Pigs to the Rescue, bringing back the fuIt s the day of the county fair Three legged races, a Smartest Pig contest, the Ferris wheel what could be fun But the Greenstalks car won t start, so they ll need some help getting there Cows to the Rescue is the fabulous new book in John Himmelman s hilarious barnyard saga It follows Chickens to the Rescue and Pigs to the Rescue, bringing back the fun with brand new mishaps and brand moo er, new problem solvers.

Recent Comments "Cows to the Rescue"

This is part of Himmelman's funny series of farm animals to the rescue. The refrain "Cows to the rescue!" with the alternating page turns makes this a great chime-in read-aloud. Nice to add a dash of humor to farm units.

2/13/18 Looking for something funny and Family related for F theme and Valentines. I love the chickens one. Tried this. Lots of smiles--especially with the Ferris wheel.2/14/18 Closer in F theme. Lots of smiles. They also liked the Ferris wheel part because I asked if any of them had been on one, and if they were scared. "No! No! No. Well, I was a teeny bit scared." Then the confessions came out. Made ME smile. So they enjoyed seeing the cows scared on the Ferris Wheel.

This is a funny story about a family's trip to the County Fair. The repetitive refrain of "Cows to the rescue!" accompanied by hilarious illustrations make this book a hoot to read aloud. We really enjoyed reading this story together and our girls had a lot of laughs by shouting the refrain as we read it. I didn't realize until reading other reviews that this book is part of a series by John Himmelman. We read Chickens to the Rescue several years ago, and now we'll have to borrow Pigs to the Res [...]

Okay, this book was only seriously funny because it was so wacky, but you can't argue with pigs in graduation gowns. And I wanted to frame the illustration of a cow doing a three-legged-race with a duck. Someone either needs to get this Himmelman character a literary award or find him some medication.


The hilarious highjinks of the Greenstalk's farm animals continues as the cows come to the rescue. This time it is time for the county fair and Farmer Greenstalk's car won't start. COWS TO THE RESCUE! Duck gets dirty before the duck contests. COWS TO THE RESCUE! The pigs forgot to study for the pig tests. COWS TO THE RESCUE! Mrs. Greenstalk doesn't have anyone to take funny pictures with. COWS TO THE RESCUE! By the end of the day the cows and Greentalks are tuckered out so who will come to the r [...]

Everyone loves helpers.**Talking points - how do you like to help out? Which ways does your family need you to help?

This is a funny book about cows saving the day at the county fair. It is great for discussing teamwork. The kindergarteners-1st graders and I talked about what was going on in the pictures

This book is hilarious. The text drives the story for the illustrations to shine. Farmer Greenstalk and the animals are beset with problems to solve during the day, not a problem as Cows to the Rescue! Whenever I read the refrain I wanted to shout it out like I was super-hero. The illustrations are colorful and simple, and the cows have a lot of personality. One of my favorites is the cows on the ferris wheel, where you have the calm one, the biting nails one, the I must cover my eyes one, and t [...]

My four-year-old son picked this book out from the library earlier this week. This book had my son and I both laughing. That is a very good thing. Those cuckoo-cows! My son, who can only read a few words, was able to "read" the refrain "Cows to the Rescue!" by the second or third time. That was very exciting for both of us. I think the three-legged race was my favorite part of the story, but it was all good. The whole story was very funny. The illustrations, while not my favorite style, suit the [...]

The vibrant and humorous illustrations will keep kids laughing, and they'll no doubt enjoy the frequent refrain of "cows to the rescue!"On a more mature note, I do wish children's authors would cease depicting county fairs as animal amusement parks in which farm animals enter "smart pig" or "handsome duck" contests. In reality, most farm animals on show at county fairs are auctioned to slaughter at the fair's conclusion.

The first one,Chickens to the Rescue, is by far the best one. This one was just disappointing.

These stud-like cows have everything under control, so no need to worry. This book series takes different points of view of animals on a farm that solve everyday "problems". This is a fun book for students of early childhood settings to read pre-k through 1st grade. It is an easy book for students to read, and a fun book for teachers to read to students.

I just love how the cows (and other animals) are drawn as actual cows (with what seem to be joints and bones in anatomically correct places) but moving in human ways (like running, pointing, etc.). It's hilarious to see the pictures and to think of cows doing the things they have the cows do. It's fun and messy for the whole family.

This has all the charm and fun of his other two (chickens and then pigs to the rescue).Now it's the cows turn to help out the Greenstalk family. The Greenstalks are headed to the local fair where they encounter a variety of problems that are quickly dispatched by the intrepid cows.Illustrations are fantastic!

It's the day of the county fair, but the Greenstalk family keep having problems. First the car won't start, then Little Jeffrey doesn't have a partner for the three-legged race, then Ernie the duck gets dirty right before the Handsomest Duck Contest. No matter what problem comes up during the day, it's 'Cows to the Rescue!'.Some interesting scenarios and fun pictures.

A perfect storytime picture book! Children will enjoy repeating the refrain loudly "cows to the rescue!" Children can also brainstorm how the cows will solve each problem before the pages turned. Himmelman's illustration will have young readers laughing hysterically.

Not bad for a continuing theme in these books. Still like Chickens to the Rescue the best out of all of them, but Cows to the rescue is cute and funny with lots of chuckle-worthy moments. Poor Ernie the duck!

Fun story of group of cows pitching in when farm family runs into trouble getting to and participating in County Fair. There's evidence of a lookout cow if you hunt for one on all but one of the pages where the dilemma is being identified. Did I miss the cow at the Ferris Wheel?

The County fair is in full swing, and the Greenstalk family don't want to miss one single minute. From a car that won't start, to a bunch of unprepared pigs, the cows solve one problem after another. The storytime set will delight in saying "Cows to the rescue", the repetitive refrain.

It is the day of the county fair and things keep going wrong. But who will helpwhy the cows of course. The cows come to the rescue time after time until the day is done and everyone is exhausted. This is a fun book with cute illustrations.

If you enjoyed Chickens to the Rescue and Pigs to the Rescue, you will love Cows to the Rescue. Himmelman is a clever creator to take popular farm animals and have them assist in a number of hilarious situations!Theme: CowsAdditional themes: farm animals, help, county fair

John Himmelman is a master at writing engaging, interactive, simple books for young readers. The entire collection of animals "to the rescue" will be a hit with any elementary classroom or with just a silly read with your own child. Kids will want to read them all again and again. Love them!

This, like the other books in the series, is hilarious. These cows go through all kinds of trouble while getting their farming family through the state fair. In short, I loved it, and an audience of kids would it too.

On the day of the county fair nothing seems to be going right. Luckily the cows are there to rescue the day! They do everything from tutoring the pigs to posing for a family picture!Grade PreK - 3Heather

I really enjoy the pictures in this book. Pretty Funny!

Loved the artwork.

Loved this book, especially the illustrations. I think it would be a fun, silly read for storytime.


When the family is ready to go to the fair, the car gives them problems, but the cows are to the rescue. As the day goes on, problems continue to arise and the cows continue to save the day.

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